Vital records are records of life events kept under governmental authority, including birth certificates, marriage licenses and death certificates. In the United States, vital records are typically maintained at the state level. In Missouri, the recording of birth and death began in 1910.

House Bill No. 894 of the 86th Missouri General Assembly enables local registrars of official county health agencies to issue computer-generated certifications of birth and death records.
Whenever it is necessary to establish an applicant’s right to information from a vital record, the local registrar may require identification of the applicant or a notarized sworn statement. Missouri law also gives the local registrar authority to withhold the issuance of a copy of a vital record when they find that an application was made through misrepresentation or fraud. The registrar has the authority to withhold the issuance of a copy of the certificate until a court determination of the facts has been made.

The Butler County Health Department can help you obtain a copy of birth certificates and death certificates.

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