05 Feb 2016


Fun and Healthy Valentines Treats!

Need to make your Valentines party treats healthy but yet still make them fun to eat? Try these creative names and appealing dishes for a start!

Art for the Heart Apples: Carve a little picture into the skin of an apple and douse with lemon juice to keep from browning.

Berry Good Yogurt parfaits: Mix up some yummy berries, and layer with granola and plain yogurt for a yummy treat.

You Got Heart High-fiber cereal: Make this a treat by serving it in a creative way, like out of a cone or small box. Mix with dried cranberries or raisins for a little more interest. Quaker just came out with a cereal, Whole Hearts, shaped like hearts that is packed with fiber and protein; it makes for a great little snack food addition to the dessert table.

Perfect Pair – Combine sliced red apples and heart-shaped cheese on a pink tray.

Heart-Shaped Jam Sandwiches – Spread strawberry jam on one whole-grain bread slice and peanut butter (check for food allergies) or low-fat cream cheese on the other. Cut out with a large heart-shaped cookie cutter.

Valentine Fruit Bouquet – Using red or pink plastic skewers, alternate watermelon cubes, strawberries, cherries and red seedless grapes. Add a low-fat vanilla or berry yogurt for dipping!

Eat Your Heart Out Popcorn – Fresh popped popcorn lightly kissed with cinnamon sugar is special.

Cupid’s Love Potion – Blend up a simple fruit smoothie using primarily red fruits such as strawberries and raspberries. Mix in bananas and use apple juice as needed.

Sweetheart Pinwheels – 4 (6 inch) soft whole-grain tortilla shells, low-fat strawberry cream cheese, 4 Tbsp. strawberry jam. Spread cream cheese to the edge of each tortilla. Spread 1 Tbsp. of strawberry jam just down the center. Roll the tortilla up so that the strawberry jam runs
the length of the roll. Chill in refrigerator for 50-60 min. When ready to serve, slice across the roll into 1-inch bites so they look like a pinwheel.

Cutie Pie Platter – Nestle low-fat strawberry yogurt in the center of a festive platter of fresh fruit for dipping. Arrange red fruits – strawberries, red grapes, raspberries, cherries – white fruits – bananas, peeled pear and apple slices dipped in orange juice to prevent browning.

Tiny Treat Bags – Tie snack or sandwich size plastic bags with a red or pink ribbon. Add together one of these combinations:

• Craisins®, almonds and pecans
• Dried cherries, almonds and dried banana
• Dried apples, peanuts and walnuts

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