Hepatitis A Update

Hepatitis A Information for Food Establishments

Public Health Update

February 14, 2018

Hepatitis A Information for Food Establishments

The Butler County Health Department (BCHD) would like to take time to update you on our Hepatitis A response efforts.  As of noon today, reported cases of Hepatitis A total 38; this is an abnormally high number of Hepatitis A cases. The primary populations associated with Butler County’s Hepatitis A cases are people who use drugs.  Due to a national shortage of Hepatitis A vaccine, priority of vaccination at public health clinics has to be considered.  Per guidance from Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and the Center for Disease Control, the BCHD’s primary efforts remain to vaccinate individuals who use drugs or people who come in close personal contact with people who use drugs; close personal contact means people who sleep, drink, eat, or live with people who use drugs.

BCHD’s secondary efforts are to reduce/eliminate the spread of Hepatitis A to food establishments.  The Butler County Health Department has received calls from food establishments interested in vaccinating their employees. As mentioned above, food service employees are not prioritized as the primary population associated.  Food establishment employers interested in vaccinating their employees at cost-share can contact the BCHD. Please remember there is a limited amount of vaccine available; a first come first served principle is applied.

Employees who use drugs or may be close personal contacts of people who use drugs can contact the BCHD and tell us Frank sent you for vaccination purposes.  A Hepatitis A fact sheet is included with more information about the virus.  For further questions or concerns, please contact the BCHD.

Thank you,

Michael Osborn

Environmental Health Specialist III

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Butler County Health Department (BCHD) continues to see an increase in the number of reported cases of Hepatitis A (HAV) in Butler County. As of March 2, 2018, 51 cases of HAV were reported; 59% of cases required hospitalization, with cases ranging from 19-54 years of age. The majority of cases have been in people who use drugs and/or their close personal contacts. If you or your loved ones have been potentially exposed to an individual experiencing HAV signs or symptoms, call or visit the BCHD and tell us Frank sent you. #franksentme #stopthecrap  

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